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     Missing a school trip might be enough to leave a lot of young students down in the dumps, but for Bjorn Nykvist and Ron Negba it presents the perfect chance to enjoy some alone time in the classroom – which of course at this filthy little institute means getting into each other’s pants at the earliest opportunity! Why, you’d almost think that the two little whores had missed their bus on purpose as they take it in turns to feast on all the hard, throbbing flesh that’s very quickly on display; and suffice it to say that it’s not long before Nykvist has his buddy bundled over a table so that he can rim Negba’s hungry little arsehole. That, of course, is but a taster of the hardcore show to come; with Negba plonking down on Nykvist’s thick, meaty schlong and riding it for all he’s worth. It signals the start of a terrific, ball-busting set-piece that sees both boys rutting like it’s part of the curriculum; and it’s perhaps little wonder that Negba is soon pummelled to the point of no return, splattering a heavy load over his belly. All of which is promptly followed by the heavenly sight of Nykvist rupturing his nads across his mate’s pert arse – a sure fire guarantee of sticky satisfaction from fans all over!
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