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     You only have to take one glance at this sumptuous pairing to realise that young Noah Matous wouldnít ever stand a chance in any one-on-one contest between him and Shane Barret; although ironically itís Matous who starts this scene as the more physical party, training away in the park whilst Barret encourages him from the sidelines. Indeed, given their long-held reputations as horny top and power bottom respectively, itís pretty obvious to anyone who knows these guys that thereís really only going to be one outcome and that Matousís ass-hole is gonna be seeing a whole lot of action before itís a wrap. That, of course, could result in the scene being somewhat staid and formulaic Ė were it not for the fact that Matous, in particular, is the kind of fellow most of us could quite easily sit and watch all day long without any trouble at all. Add in a dynamo like Barret to the mix, give the shaved, hairless fuckers a bottle of oil to grease up the action ... and you have the makings of a bloody classic! So sit back, unzip and savour the sight of these two hyper-horny buggers doing what comes oh so naturally to them; writhing all over each othersí bodies to start, then taking it in turns to feast on all that cock and sweet, sweet ass! Culminating, of course, in Barret burying the hatchet right between Matousís butt-cheeks Ė a move that never, ever fails to quickly get the doe-eyed twink towards a very sticky crescendo. But itís Barretís signing off that takes the ultimate accolade Ė a stupendous, multi-shot barrage of jizz that leaves his buddyís pucker literally oozing with sperm!
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